Harissa Broccoli + Pine Nut Condiment

Welcome back to QCK! Today's recipe is my new favorite side-dish, or maybe just my new favorite thing in general. Harissa Broccoli hits every note from sweet to spicy. If you're looking to impress on your next at-home date night or dinner with friends, this is totally the way to go. Also, bookmark it if … Continue reading Harissa Broccoli + Pine Nut Condiment


Black Bean + Sweet Potato Burgers

Welcome back to QCK! I'm sharing a recipe today that was meant to be shared last week. While I was really excited to post this last week, it actually ended up making more sense for today. Black bean & sweet potato burgers, we all know them and love them. They're the OG vegan burger. Last … Continue reading Black Bean + Sweet Potato Burgers

Vegan Sweet Potato Cauliflower Tacos + Chipotle Cashew Salsa

Welcome back to QCK! Today I want to share my favorite vegan taco recipe. I love this recipe for a Sunday night because it's not super time consuming for your last day of the weekend, but you can spend a little extra time going all out on toppings and even throw on a pot of … Continue reading Vegan Sweet Potato Cauliflower Tacos + Chipotle Cashew Salsa

Weeknight Lemony Green Vegetable Pasta

Welcome back to QCK! As always the week after the Super Bowl is a generally exhausting one for everyone. We're all recovering from all the excitement whether it's from the game, the snacks or the Shakira-JLO halftime show of our dreams. So this week is all about 30 minute dinners that become tomorrows lunch. I … Continue reading Weeknight Lemony Green Vegetable Pasta

Banana Bread Streusel Pancakes

Welcome back foodies! If you're just waking up on this wintery Sunday and wondering what to have for breakfast, you've come to the right place. Today in my tiny kitchen we're making banana bread streusel pancakes. If you were already thinking about pancakes but wanted something a little extra, this is perfect. The recipe is … Continue reading Banana Bread Streusel Pancakes

Instant Pot Vegan Crunch Wraps + Avocado Salsa

Welcome back foodies! Happy 2020! How's everyone feeling about the new decade? Personally I'm really excited. I feel a lot of motivation this year and instead of making a bunch of little resolutions I decided to make one big one; to become the healthiest version of me that I can be, physically, mentally, financially and … Continue reading Instant Pot Vegan Crunch Wraps + Avocado Salsa

Chickpea Shakshuka: Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Vegan (if you want)

Hey Foodies! Good morning from Minnesota, where the weather is warming up and an awful cold is floating around. I mean it's seriously vile and it seems to be here to stay. I always thought the end-all-be-all solution to a cold was a NyQuil, Ibuprofen, apple juice cocktail, but this cold has me trying methods … Continue reading Chickpea Shakshuka: Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Vegan (if you want)