Peach Berry White Wine Sangria

Welcome back to QCK! The end of summer heat wave is here! I'm trying to enjoy it because before we know it, it'll be too cold to even consider going outdoors. But I'm definitely not interested in turning on my oven or standing over a stove. So instead, I'm going to eat some leftovers, drink … Continue reading Peach Berry White Wine Sangria


Cucumber Mint + Lime Green Tea Refresher

Welcome back to QCK! So, we've successfully survived the heat wave. Yay, us! It definitely wasn't fun or easy, but it did push me to create more recipes that didn't involve the stove or oven. It also pushed me to create a couple of fun drink recipes, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and this refresher is … Continue reading Cucumber Mint + Lime Green Tea Refresher

Avocado Limeade + Cilantro Simple Syrup

Welcome back to QCK! I feel like I've been posting so many recipes with avocado, lime and cilantro. I guess it's just what I'm hungry for lately. Or in today's case... thirsty for. This flavor combo is so refreshing you can't go wrong mixing it up in any way. I love this drink for summer … Continue reading Avocado Limeade + Cilantro Simple Syrup