Shrimp Lettuce Cups + Thai Peanut Sauce

Welcome back to QCK! You may or may not have noticed I took the weekend off from posting or doing any sort of real engagement. It didn't happen for any real reason in particular, just that I was kind of behind of things and had a lot of things to get done around this little … Continue reading Shrimp Lettuce Cups + Thai Peanut Sauce

Harissa Broccoli + Pine Nut Condiment

Welcome back to QCK! Today's recipe is my new favorite side-dish, or maybe just my new favorite thing in general. Harissa Broccoli hits every note from sweet to spicy. If you're looking to impress on your next at-home date night or dinner with friends, this is totally the way to go. Also, bookmark it if … Continue reading Harissa Broccoli + Pine Nut Condiment

Smash Burger + Not So Secret Sauce

Welcome back to QCK! What's more satisfying than a really good burger with a tangy, mayo based sauce? I can think of very few things. So that's what today's recipe is. A really good burger. Plus I'm going to share everything I've learned about making a perfect burger from working in restaurants. In my opinion, … Continue reading Smash Burger + Not So Secret Sauce

Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Fajitas

Welcome back to QCK! If you're like me, you love a quick, easy sheet tray dinner that makes the perfect leftovers. That's what this recipe is. Oh, and they only take about 30 minutes, so it's pretty much the perfect recipe. Did I mention they're vegan? Cause they are. What I love about these fajitas … Continue reading Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Fajitas