George Floyd, May He Rest In Power and In Peace

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Today’s post, clearly, is going to be very different from the usual. This is going to be very raw. I don’t even have a plan or starting point, I’m just typing what I feel and letting it flow. I need to write this post for myself, but also for everyone who’s reading, no matter what side you are on. I may not have a large platform, but I have a voice and it needs to be heard.

First and foremost, before I am a foodie, a chef or a blogger, I am a person of color. I’m half Sudanese and half German-American, what some refer to as mixed, or light-skin. I am brown. I have experienced racism first hand, I’ve witnessed racism towards my BIPOC brothers and sisters. I have grown up seeing people of my color discrimianted agaisnt, attatcked, and even killed. I am tired and I am past outraged.

For anyone who might not know, on Monday, May 25th in Minneapolis, MN, a black man by the name of George Floyd was murdered by four officers outside of Cup Foods over what MIGHT have been a counterfeit $20 bill. While two officers knelt on Floyd’s back, one officer knelt on his neck and another officer guarded them. The kneeling went on for eight minutes and 46 seconds, the entire time Floyd cried out the words, “Please, I can’t breathe.” In the last moments of his life, he called out for his mother. The murder was videotaped by a bystander. In the video you can hear multiple voices telling the officers to stop, they were killing him. Floyd was unarmed and was not resisting. He was simply saying he could not breathe.

While the entire story is sickening and disgusting, the most disgusting part is the shamelessness of the four officers committing the murder. This was in the middle of the day, while being videotaped and photographed, on a busy road. They had no shame, and clearly seemed to think that they would face no repercussions. The people who enforce the law, once again, believing that they are above it. Why? Because innocent black lives are taken everyday by law enforcement, but the murderers walk free. Without even a slap on the wrist. In fact, these officers would still be working today if it weren’t for the large public outcry for their termination, arrest and now prosecution.

Yes, the power of social media did that. The power of being able to reach millions of people around the world in a single second did that. Not our law enforcement, mayors, governors or “president”. Yes, those people literally carried out the action, but they would not have had there been no public outcry. But it took far longer than it should have. Tell me this, if you and I murdered someone, on video, in broad daylight and that video was shown to law enforcement, where would we be the next day? Charged and in jail. So why did it take almost a week to arrest Chauvin? Why did it take a week and a half to arrest the fellow officers involved? Why did it take MONTHS for Ahmaud Arbery’s killers to be arrested? Why are the murderers of Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, and so many others still walking free? Most have not even been fired!

I’ll tell you why. Because the police are a government backed, tax funded gang.

But Not ALL Cops Are Bad, It’s Just a Few “Bad Apples”

Right? WRONG. Let me ask you something, if you were going to fly Delta Airlines, and they told you, “Most of our pilots are good, it’s just a few bad apples”, would you still fly Delta? If you were going into surgery and a nurse told you, “most of our surgeons are great, it’s just a few bad apples”, would you still go to that hospital? Let me guess, your answer is no.

Not enough for you? Okay, I’ll entertain your “bad apples” argument. Let’s say there’s 100 officers and one union leader. Out of those 100, 25 officers are bad, 72 are good, three are great, and the union leader is a piece of shit. So 75 officers know that they “serve and protect” with 25 bad officers, but 72 don’t say anything about it, so the 25 officers who are bad, are never called out and never face punishment. The three great officers call out the bad officers and report them to their union leader. But because there’s only three great officers, they get shut down by the other 97 and the union leader, nothing ever happens.

Now maybe you’re asking, “what does a POS union leader have to do with any of this?” Well, let me tell you. The union leader is voted in by the union (the police). So, if there are just a “few bad apples”, wouldn’t the vote for a corrupt, POS, and in some cases (looking at you Minneapolis Police Department) white supremacist union leader reflect that? As in, that union leader would not win the vote. If the police force is made up of mostly good apples, wouldn’t their union leader reflect that? I know! Great question.

Listen, there are just some jobs that people CANNOT be bad at. If you are armed and authorized to use deadly force, you can’t be bad at your job. You can’t be a bad apple!

Okay, great. But we can’t just ABOLISH the police, it would be a purge! Who would protect us?

Well, let me start by saying, the police haven’t been protecting the BIPOC community since day one. “To serve and protect” usually only applies if you’re white. But when we say abolish the police, we don’t mean fuck public safety. We mean let’s take the millions of dollars being funneled into the BS and invest it back into our communities.What sounds more like public safety to you?
A) You see someone having a mental health crisis, you call 311 and a mental health professional arrives on the scene, deescalates the situation, and works with that person to find resources and create a plan to prevent the crisis in the future.
B) You see someone having a mental health crisis and you call 911. An armed officer arrives on the scene, detains the person who is currently having a mental health crisis, which means most likely they are going to resist arrest and the situation will quickly turn violent, arrests and charges the person, only to release them back into the community. Note that they’re suffering from the same crisis they were when you called the police, because nothing was done for their mental health. All this just to repeat the process the next day.

I pick A. Every time.

But it’s not just about mental health, drug addiction and homelessness! What about violent crimes?!?!?!? Tell me something, do people steal from stores, banks and other people because they’re perfectly comfortable with everything they have? Do people murder people because they’re in a good state of mind? No. Violent crimes USUALLY occur because the person committing the crime has a need that is not being met. Whether that need is for funds and resources so they don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from or how they’re going to pay a bill, or the need is for mental health resources.

Defunding the police does not mean there is no more public safety, it means the resources that we have in place for the public safety system that has been failing since the day it was put in place would be used to solve issues before they start.

Still think this is radical? Well, how do you feel about the fact that the public school system is being defunded more and more each year? We put more money into the police than we do into educating our future generations. THERE ARE CHILDREN IN “LUNCH DEBT”. Do you see how ridiculous this is?

But we don’t have the power to just defund the police!

Well friends, we may not have ALL the power, but we do have more of it than you might think. This is the United States of America after all! The land of the free, home of the brave and most importantly, we are a DEMOCRACY! We get to vote! Not just for the president, but for the sheriff, the mayor, state representatives, governors, house, senate and of course, president. Yep, the electoral college sucks, but the more small elections we get involved in, the more the electoral college will reflect the actual voters. So lets get out there and vote!

In the meantime, use your voice. Peacefully protest, it’s our right! Share your thoughts, opinions and feelings on social media. If your “friends” disagree, they’re not really your friends. Make new ones! Diversify your timelines. Hear BIPOC voices and stories. Educate yourself on our struggles, educate yourself on your own privilege. Listen without getting defensive. Have the uncomfortable conversations with the people around you. Sit and allow yourself to feel the discomfort, then decide what to do with it. Change doesn’t come from staying comfortable and fighting from a distance. Change doesn’t come from simply not being racist, you have to be ANTI-RACIST. Change comes from standing up and screaming for justice, even if that justice isnt directly for you. Be an ally, not just today, but always. Be heard and be strong and STAND YOUR GROUND. Support your BIPOC friends, and if you don’t have any, make some! We can’t sit around and wait for change to come. We have to make it happen. Say their names. Fight for black lives!

Lastly, we need to talk about the future of this blog.

I want to keep sharing recipes with you all, I want to continue this blog because I enjoy it. I am a minority in the USA, but I’m also a minority in the world of food. So I will continue to share recipes with all of you, but I will also continue to share my story. I will share my culture, I will share my love for activism. I will use food as a form of activism, just like my ancestors did. I will use food as a form of healing. Just like my ancestors did. I will use my voice. I will make this blog not just a place for recipes, but a place for culture, color, and justice. I will continue to preach that black lives matter until the world truly believes it. And if you argue with me I will remind you that no one said ONLY black lives matter, but that we are fighting for the realization that black lives matter just as much as white lives. If you’re not cool with that, unfollow me. I would rather have 300 followers who stand with me in justice than 3,000 followers who don’t.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Not let’s keep fighting, until we win.

Say their names and remember, ACAB.

P.S. Seriously, all lives matter is a really ignorant and embarrassing movement to be a part of. Don’t argue with me unless you’re going to educate yourselves on both sides of this fight.


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