I’m Back Ya’ll!

Greetings friends,

Popping in to let everyone know, I’m back! I took a little unexpected break this summer, so here’s what’s been up.

After leaving Doha, I decided to take a little uninterrupted time to travel with Arlo. We hadn’t seen each other in 100 days and having time to be together without work or any other distractions was something I simply could not pass up. So, we met up in Barcelona. We ate, explored, drank wine, saw the ocean, rode the train and spent six days just simply being together. It was amazing. Beyond the simple fact of getting to be back with the person I love, we got to see one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to and eat some of the best food I’ve ever tasted.

We stayed in a central neighborhood, close to La Ramblas and the city center but also in a fairly residential area. We got café con leche and croissants at different patisseries each morning and ham sandwiches for lunch. We had dinner at a wood fired pizza shop, the name of which I never learned (regret). The oven was right in the middle of the shop and the chef would roll and toss the dough for each order. We had a pizza with the best sauce I’ve ever tasted, melted cheese, thinly sliced jamon, and right as the pizza was put in the oven, the chef cracked a raw egg right in the middle. When he puled the the pizza out a few minutes later, the egg was perfectly set with a runny yoke to dip the pizza in. It was so delicious I forgot to take a picture.  We ate so much spectacular food in those six days, paella, burrata and arugula pizza, fresh sea food. We spent hours one rainy afternoon in a small Mexican restaurant eating the most amazing sopa azteca I have ever tasted. The entire trip was a dream.

On our way home we had an eight hour layover in Copenhagen and decided to get out of the airport and see the city for a little while. We headed over to the Christiania area and stopped for lunch. I’m a little ashamed to say that lunch was jalapeño poppers, a fried chicken sandwich, and a Ben and Jerry’s brownie batter milk shake. But it was, almost to my surprise, the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. It totally hit the spot, no regrets there. After lunch we walked through Christiania and ended up by the canals. I was blown away by what a clean city it was. There were hardly any cars. We saw bikers every where and the train we took in and out of the city was full of people, even ten year old children on their way home from school. I can only dream of living somewhere safe enough to allow your children to ride the train by themselves at that age. What a beautiful country.

After our little adventure in Copenhagen we headed back home to Minneapolis. It was so nice to be home after three months abroad and to get to spend time with friends and family. Shortly after arriving I moved into a new apartment and went back to working at Bellecour. After that the whole summer was a blur or working on my career and myself outside of my career, which is why I decided to take a step back from Instagram and blogging.

Now, a few months later and I’m back in Doha, waiting to start work, and taking advantage of the free time I have while I have it.

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “I’m Back Ya’ll!

  1. Taycier,The photos of the food in Barcelona are fantastic!  You have to add names.  I want to know about the melted cheese (?) and frizzante wine.  Yummmmmmm! I hope you are well. Hugs, Julie

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